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Aesthetic Gynaecology at InviMed in Gdynia and in Poznań

We know how important health and intimate comfort is for every woman. Therefore, we have decided to expand the scope of our services with innovative and non-invasive technologies in the field of aesthetic gynaecology in order to eliminate cumbersome and embarrassing intimate problems of our patients.  

To whom do we recommend our services?

We recommend services in the field of aesthetic gynaecology to women:

who wish to get back quickly into shape after childbirth

who feel discomfort associated with urinary incontinence
who are less satisfied with their sex lives

who are not satisfied with the appearance of their pubic areas or whose physical and psychological symptoms associated with their intimate areas interfere with their everyday lives

We perform procedures in the field of aesthetic gynaecology using the specialised MonaLisa Touch™ laser, as well as Vaginal narrower lifting threads and hyaluronic acid.

Check out our services:

MonaLisa Touch™ laser therapy - rehabilitation after childbirth and solution to the problem of urinary incontinence as well as prevention of menopausal changes From 1,000 PLN read more>>

MonaLisa Touch™ laser therapy - revitalisation of intimate areas From 1,000 PLN  read more >>

Vaginal Narrower - lifting of stretched perineal muscles after childbirth From 2,650 PLN, in Gdynia only read more >>

Desirial Plus - hyaluronic acid restoring intimate comfort From 2,650 PLN, in Gdynia only  read more >>

Labiaplasty (labia reduction). MonaLisa Touch ™ laser therapy. Price of the procedure with a medical consultation from  3,200 PLN, in Gdynia only read more >>>

 G-spot augmentation. Desirial Plus - hyaluronic acid. 1,800 PLN, in Gdynia only   read more >>>

Affordable Excellence

Choose from:

MonaLisa Touch™ laser therapy – procedure and medical consultation 2000 PLN (£409*)
Vaginal Narrower - procedure and medical consultation 2650 PLN (£543*)
Desirial Plus - procedure and medical consultation 2650 PLN (£543*)
MonaLisa Touch™ laser therapy – second procedure 1000 PLN (£204*)
MonaLisa Touch - Package of 2 procedures 2600 PLN (£532*)
Labiaplasty (labia reduction). MonaLisa Touch ™ laser therapy 3200 PLN (£655*)
G-spot augmentation. Desirial Plus - hyaluronic acid 1800 PLN (£368*)
*For the latest rates in British pounds (GBP) Click here

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