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MonaLisa Touch™ laser therapy

Rehabilitation after childbirth and solution to the problem of urinary incontinence as well as prevention of menopausal changes

Price of the procedure with a medical consultation from 1,000 PLN

The laser procedure helps to recover elasticity of the vagina, reduce its size and improve hydration. The laser energy heats the vaginal mucous membrane and the collagen contained in the tissue. Under the influence of high temperature collagen fibres shrink and new ones appear, what stimulates the vagina to self-healing. The vagina becomes narrower and more flexible. The procedure consists in constriction of the vagina, reconstruction of the mucosa and minimisation of the urinary incontinence problem without any surgical intervention.

Course of procedure:

The patient’s eligibility for the procedure is determined by the doctor based on the current result of the smear test. The MonaLisa Touch™ procedure is performed using a special head equipped with a scanner which the doctor inserts into the vagina. The laser acts directly on its wall, causing a large number of micro-injuries in the mucous membrane, what results in the creation of new young cells and glands. This affects a thorough reconstruction of the entire vaginal mucous membrane.

Sensations during procedure: 

The procedure is painless and requires neither anaesthesia nor recovery period. After approximately 3 days the patient can resume her sex life.

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