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Sperm under the magnifying glass

Sperm under the magnifying glass

How to check which sperm is the best, and thus definitely increase the chances of effective fertilisation? Scientists have found a way. They study sperm zoomed 6,600x! At such a huge magnification you can even see the construction of a sperm cell's vacuole. This technique is called MSOME-6600.

In the treatment of infertility, selection of sperm of the best quality is used with increasing frequency. This is done to increase the chances of conception and of maintaining pregnancy. Sperm cells are selected on the basis of their structure. The criteria for sperm morphology parameters were determined in 2010 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Sperm cells are evaluated for natural fertilisation as well as for insemination and in vitro fertilisation.

Where did the idea for MSOME-6600 come from?

The characteristics of the sperm morphology play an important role in the ICSI IVF technique, which involves injecting the sperm cell into the egg cell. However, in certain cases of male infertility, an embryologist is not able to select the right sperm cell using the typical ICSI technical equipment, as the sperm quality is very poor. Therefore, the researchers came up with the solution called MSOME (Motile sperm organelle morphology examination).

What is MSOME-6600?

MSOME-6600 is a method of sperm evaluation, which helps to select sperm with the normal structure, and then use them for in vitro fertilisation using the IMSI-6600 technique (Intra-cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection). For this purpose, a microscope that magnifies semen up to 6,600 times is used. This allows the selection of a live motile sperm cells without having to use special methods that can damage them.

The IMSI-6600 procedure is used in those patients whose semen contains less than 4% normal sperm cells. This allows to reduce the percentage of spontaneous abortions and increase the percentage of pregnancies from 30% to over 60%, compared to ICSI used in the same patients.

Man’s age and sperm analysis for IVF

Lower semen quality in older men may be the indication for the use of in vitro fertilisation, with MSOME-6600 being one of its elements. Over 6,000-fold magnification of the sperm cell under the microscope will allow you to carefully examine its morphology and determine its chances of conceiving a new life. Men over 40 years of age at the stage of diagnostic tests are also recommended to undergo the SCD test, which determines the percentage of spermatozoa in which more extensive DNA fragmentation occurred.

If your partner turned forty and you both think with increasing frequency about starting a family, take action. If it turns out that despite your efforts you do not get pregnant, you will have more time to diagnose the source of the problem and solve it - in this matter time can have a decisive impact on your future.

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