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IVF Treatment Success in Poland

How effective is the IVF treatment? This is one of the first questions that arise when choosing a fertility clinic. In vitro procedures are expensive and if you’ve been waiting to have a baby for a long time, you rightly want to maximise your chances of success. With numerous European clinics to choose from, it can be complicated. What are the success rates in different countries? As a newly popular destination, how does IVF treatment in Poland compare?

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5 Important Factors When Choosing an IVF Egg Donation Programme

Egg donation is a well-established practice offered worldwide. Every year thousanda treatments take place and this number is increasing as it becomes more accepted.

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The information about visits, test results and safety rules during the coronavirus risk

Due to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, please read carefully the following announcement regarding the organization of the work of InviMed clinics.

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IVF with donors eggs - effective solution in special circumstances

Years of efforts, attempts, invested money, struggling and emotions... Unfortunately, sometimes even the most advanced IVF techniques bring no results, and the only hope of a child is in obtaining an egg cell from a donor. In some circumstances, IVF with donor eggs is the best solution.

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Classification of embryos

Every couple undergoing fertility treatment comes across embryological documentation which contains — among other things — information about the grade of an embryo created during an IVF procedure. Robert Szachoń, an embryologist from InviMed, a fertility treatment clinic in Katowice, sheds some light on this difficult, though doubtless relevant, subject.

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Insemination - who qualifies to this procedure, and for whom it is not recommended?

We invite couples to participate in the clinical study of a drug improving the effectiveness of insemination. The study is conducted in the InviMed clinics in Warsaw and in Poznań. We have asked Tomasz Rokicki, MD, PhD, an experienced gynaecologist and at the same time the Medical Director of InviMed Warsaw Clinic to explain what insemination is, for whom it is recommended and why it is worth participating in the study.

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One small cell - a huge gift. Egg donors

Infertility is a problem that affects the increasing number of couples. Fortunately, modern medicine has at its disposal techniques of assisted reproduction and procedures that offer chances for having a child even if the fertility of one or both partners is seriously reduced. One of these techniques is egg donation.

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Sperm under the magnifying glass

How to check which sperm is the best, and thus definitely increase the chances of effective fertilisation? Scientists have found a way. They study sperm zoomed 6,600x! At such a huge magnification you can even see the construction of a sperm cell's vacuole. This technique is called MSOME-6600.

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