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Egg donation is a programme developed especially for women 49 years and younger, who want to be mums but due to various reasons do not have their own eggs or have difficulties getting pregnant with their own egg cells. Thanks to the IVF procedure with anonymous donor eggs, such patients have an opportunity to get pregnant and have a child.

Why is it worth choosing the ‘IVF with anonymous donor eggs’ programme at InviMed clinics?

We understand and are committed to meeting the needs of each patient who joins our anonymous donor eggs programme. We wish that during the whole process the patient's needs and emotions are respected.

The guarantees granted

Under the Programme with a guarantee of number and high-quality of embryos, you receive a guarantee of 3 high-quality embryos and 12 eggs.

68% effectiveness of treatment

The success rate of IVF with donor eggs at InviMed clinics is as high as 68%. As the procedure involves the use of eggs from young and healthy donors, you have greater chances of getting pregnant and becoming a mum. 

Healthy and young donors

Donors are young women who underwent detailed examinations and virological, genetic and psychological tests and who meet very strict medical and formal criteria required by Polish law.

Team of doctors and embryologists

Doctors at InviMed clinics work together and share their experience and knowledge with each other so that you get the help you need. They will support you at every stage of the process, offer advice and, in particular, provide you with professional medical care.

Individual coordinator

Your personal Coordinator will ensure you with fully personalised care - you can really trust her. She will remain at your disposal throughout the duration of the process. She will support you and lead you through all the stages of the process.

Short waiting time 

The right donor is selected on the basis of phenotypic resemblance. At the InviMed clinics eggs are readily available. We start the procedure as soon as the doctor confirms that your body is adequately prepared for embryo transfer.

The first egg donation programme in Poland which offers the guaranteed number and quality of embryos

The egg donation programme offered by InviMed clinics is the only egg donation programme in Poland where the patients are guaranteed at least 3 high-quality embryos, which significantly increases their chances of getting pregnant.

The program standard includes:

  • A guaranteed number of 3 embryos and 12 eggs
  • Fertile and healthy donors that meet strict medical and formal conditions
  • Multidisciplinary team of experienced fertility doctors
  • The same attending doctor throughout the whole process of treatment and duration of the programme
  • Individual coordinator that guarantees personalised care
  • Genetic screening for oocytes included into the price

The in vitro procedure with donor eggs may be used by women who meet the following conditions:

  • are younger than 49 years of age and cannot get pregnant in a natural manner or via in vitro method due to the lack of their own eggs or their low quality;
  • have lost fertility due to oncologic therapy;
  • suffer from genetic disorders that have adverse effect on pregnancy and child's health;
  • have experienced premature ovarian failure;
  • have experienced miscarriages or unsuccessful attempts of In Vitro Fertilization (no high-quality embryos, difficulties with implantation of the embryo in the uterus or abnormalities in development of the embryo after transfer that resulted in miscarriage).

Learn more about the InviMed programme

If you want to learn more about the InviMed IVF with anonymous donor eggs programme, contact the coordinator in the selected clinic. Each patient or couple that takes part in the programme of InviMed Fertility Clinics is in the care of the Programme coordinator who helps to go through necessary formalities, make appointments and to contact the doctor. 

Contact the Programme Coordinator

If you have any questions about the Programme, you may use the form or contact directly one of our Coordinators.

Luiza Kozłowska
+48 734 175 122

Sylwia Kowalska
+48 882 353 915

Natalia Górecka
+48 668 396 056

Anita Luścińska
+48 668 072 655

Karolina Leszyńska
+48 539 979 009

The in vitro procedure with donors eggs

What are the steps?

  • 1Qualification Visit

    Both partners should attend the qualification visit.

    During the first visit, the doctor gets the medical history, reviews the history of treatment of the couple, examines the Patient and assigns necessary medical and laboratory examinations that enable qualification to the Programme. At the same time the Partner may be referred to an urologist and andrologist and gets a referral to have his sperm tested.

    If the couple is not married, the partner of the patient who uses procedure of in vitro with partner sperm has to sign at a Civil Registry Office a declaration that he will be the father of the child. The patient, within three months from the declaration of the partner, will have to confirm at the Civil Registry Office that that man will be the father of her child. If the man does not sign the declaration at the Civil Registry Office, the couple cannot start the in vitro procedure.

  • 2Selection of the donor

    The donor is selected in accordance with phenotypic characteristics of the recipients and the patient's blood type. The final selection is made by the doctor, on the basis of the donor's anatomical, morphological and physiological features, with respect to the patient's phenotype. Pursuant to current legislation, only anonymous donation and reception is possible, which guarantees full anonymity of both, the recipient and the donor. Also the contact of both parties is impossible.

  • 3Preparation for the in vitro procedure

    Embryo transfer may take place during the patient's natural menstruation cycle or during the cycle supported with mild hormone stimulation. In case additional stimulation is necessary, the patient takes medicines that are specially selected by the doctor.

  • 4Semen collection

    The patient's partner donates his semen in a special room at the clinic. It may be done 1.5 h before the procedure or earlier. Then his semen is frozen and stored.

  • 5In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

    The fertilization is done in the embryology laboratory, where, after being warmed up, the Patient's egg cells are joined with the partner's sperm cells. The developed embryos are placed into an incubator, where they have proper conditions to develop. They mature for 2 to 5 days.

  • 6Embryo Transfer

    1 or 2 embryos are selected and then they are placed in the patient's uterine cavity. The procedure is done with application of thin catheter. If more embryos developed, the remaining ones may be frozen and used at a later time.

  • 7After Transfer

    After transfer, the patient should lead a healthy lifestyle, reducing her physical activity. In order to confirm pregnancy, about 12 days after transfer a beta-hCG pregnancy test, and 4-5 weeks after transfer an ultrasound scan are performed.

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