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Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of data and protection of our Customers’ privacy are of vital importance. For the sake of your data’s security and to comply with all applicable laws, InviMed has, therefore, established a confidentiality policy, which defines rules for the collection, processing and use of personal information:

Legal Basis for Processing of Personal Information:

The principal laws on the basis of which InviMed processes personal and sensitive information are: 1. the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, Item 926, consolidated text), 2. the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on Personal Data Processing Documentation and the Technical and Organisational Conditions which should be Met by Devices and Systems Used for Personal Data Processing of 29 April 2004 (Journal of Laws of 1 May 2004), 3. the Act on Patients’ Rights and the Patient’s Ombudsman of 6 November 2008, and 4. the Act on Medical Activity of 15 April 2011.

Personal Information Administrator

In accordance with Article 24(1) of the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, Item 926, as amended), we hereby inform you that InviMed, whose registered office is at Warszawa 02 – 532, Rakowiecka St. 36, is the Administrator of your personal information.

Information Security Administrator

At InviMed responsibility for supervision of the proper processing of Customer Information lies with the Information Security Administrator, who is appointed by resolution of the Management Board of the Personal Information Administrator.

Security Policy and the Process of Managing the Security of Information

The process of managing the security of information is one of the processes included in the ISO 9001 quality management system implemented by InviMed. The information security process is based on the principles of Polish law that govern the processing of personal and medical information and on the ISO 27001 international standard. All InviMed employees are authorised by the Personal Information Administrator and obliged to apply the rules of Security Policy and the Information System Management Instructions. All employees have been properly trained in the principles of safe data processing. Access to personal information is based on the need-to-know principle, which means that access to processed personal information is granted only to persons working in positions for which access has been defined as legitimate and is necessary for performance of the employee’s duties.

Personal Information

The personal information you provide is processed for the purposes of communication, provision of additional information about products we offer, marketing of our products, provision of medical services and management of health services, and also for financial, statistical and archival purposes. In each case, the provision of personal information in the forms on the Company’s website is voluntary and its processing takes place only with the user’s consent.

In accordance with Article 32 of the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997(Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, Item 926, as amended), you are entitled:to obtain information about the purpose, scope and method of processing of your personal information,

  • to access your personal information,
  • to correct the information,
  • to request that the processing of your personal information for marketing purposes be discontinued,
  • and to obtain information about sharing of your personal information with entities specified by the law.

You may exercise these rights by contacting the Reception Desk in each InviMed Clinic. Other data can be changed at the reception desk in each InviMed Clinic. Changes may be made to personal data only by an authorised InviMed employee after the Customer authorises the changes by signing the personal information change form.

Automatically Collected Data

When you visit our website, we automatically record data on your activity, including your IP address, browser type, and operating system type. These data are used only for administrative and statistical purposes. The transmission of personal information and communication with our servers is encrypted and is performed using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The servers that store personal information are the property of InviMed and are protected against unauthorised access.


Our website may use cookies which identify the user’s session during a visit to our website. The purpose of these cookies is to ensure the correct operation of applications; they do not contain any personal information. You may prevent transmission of cookies by adjusting your browser’s settings accordingly, but please bear in mind that some features of the website may then not work.

Sharing Data with Third Parties:

InviMed does not disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the subject of the data unless an obligation to disclose them arises from applicable law. This relates to Poland’s social security institution, the police, courts and public prosecutors). In accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection, in the event of an inspection by the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection, your data may be disclosed to employees of the Inspectorate.

InviMed reserves the right to change the terms of its privacy policy in the event of changes in Polish law or the implementation of new IT solutions.

Approved by: President of the Management Board of InviMed. Information Security Administrator.

I have worked here for a long time. But, after the procedure, when you get the news, and then you see the happy family with their youngest… it’s truly wonderful. Every time.
lukasz-sroka-invimed-poznan.jpgŁukasz Sroka, M.D., Ph.D

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