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Over 7,000 stories with happy endings

InviMed Fertility Clinics - we are a network of fertility clinics that has helped to bring the joy of parenthood to thousands.

We were founded in 2001 in Warsaw, in the heart of Europe. Today we are a group of 5 fertility clinics located across Poland. We are proud of the many success stories we have been part of.

We offer among the highest success rates for IVF and IVF with donor eggs - 43% and 65.2% respectively. This is thanks to the innovative techniques which are overseen by the top medical specialists in their fields.

InviMed represents the best expertise and experience in Poland. We are part of Medicover, a Swedish-owned medical group and the largest private heathcare provider in the Central and Eastern Europe.

We know that time is crucial. That's why we prioritise flexible and efficient care, without waiting lists. You will never need to wait a day longer than is necessary.

Every patient receives the individualised care they deserve. Patients are never another number like some clinics. Whatever the situation, we are there for our patients.

Contact us today. We would love to talk to you.

Our clinics and laboratories use the most advanced latest medical equipment and techniques available. The reliability of our laboratory and clinical results is continuously checked and certified by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. It’s a pleasure to work with the best available equipment.
bartlomiej-wojtasik-invimed-wroclaw.jpgBartłomiej Wojtasik InviMed Laboratory Manager ESHRE Clinical Embryologist

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5 clinics

230+ employees

250+ patients daily

43% get pregnant with us

Over 8,000 children


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