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Infertility diagnostics – why it is worth carrying out the karyotype analysis?

Karyotype may carry abnormalities resulting in the occurrence of developmental and health disorders. In some cases, these abnormalities do not cause any symptoms in their carrier; problems appear only when she or he plans family. That's why analysing a karyotype is the key element of diagnostics for many infertile couples.

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Egg donation – a chance for motherhood after cancer treatment

Infertility is a frequent problem experienced by women who won their battle with cancer. Young cancer patients find it especially difficult to accept that they do not have a chance of becoming a mother. Modern medicine offers new possibilities – egg donation. It gives women who underwent cancer treatment a chance to give birth to a baby.

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Problems with getting pregnant - why are they so frequent?

You already have a child and for a long time you have tried unsuccessfully for another one? Unfortunately, after months of ineffective attempts many couples must admit that they have a problem. This problem is secondary infertility and affects up to 20% of couples in childbearing age.

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Idiopathic infertility. What to do if the cause of difficulties in getting pregnant is unknown?

According to estimates, depending on the woman’s age, from 50% to as many as 80% of all couples trying for a child struggle with the so-called idiopathic infertility, that is, experience problems with conception, despite the fact that routine fertility tests they underwent have not revealed any significant deviations from the norm. 

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Do you have endometriosis? IVF can help you to become a mother!

Most women with endometriosis learn about their condition only when they start looking into the causes of their infertility. To many of them, the diagnosis is a real blow, because this condition does not belong to diseases with a simple treatment regimen, and it can also be a serious obstacle when trying for a child. Fortunately, patients with endometriosis are not deprived of chances for pregnancy - they can become mothers with the use of in vitro fertilisation.

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Early menopause. 6 symptoms that should set off your alarm bells

The first signs of entering the period of menopause make most women panic, even if menopause has started “classically”, that is, after the age of fifty. Fear is even greater when signs of menopause appear much earlier or when the woman would yet want to get pregnant.

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Infertility - where does it come from and how to fight it?

In the last few decades, infertility ceased to be a marginal problem. Currently, about 15-20% of couples experience difficulties in getting pregnant, and the problem is escalating. The growing number of people who face decreased fertility has not escaped the attention of the World Health Organization, which already over 14 years ago included infertility on the list of social diseases.

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