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MonaLisa Touch™ laser therapy - Revitalisation of intimate areas

Price of the procedure with a medical consultation from 1,000 PLN

This procedure is suitable for very young as well as mature women.

Indications for procedure:

pubic lipodystrophy (flattening of the pubis).

labia major and labia minor revitalization (rejuvenation),

labial and anal bleaching,

postnatal scar removal,

episiotomy scar removal,

improving the appearance of stretch marks,

thorough rejuvenation of the skin (skin resurfacing).

Course of procedure:

The MonaLisa Touch™ procedure is performed using a special external head (it looks like an iron) which the doctor applies to indicated external parts or across the entire surface of the skin. The laser acts directly on skin, causing a large number of micro-injuries, what results in the creation of new young cells and glands. This affects a thorough reconstruction of the entire skin, scar reduction and bleaching of intimate areas.

I have worked here for a long time. But, after the procedure, when you get the news, and then you see the happy family with their youngest… it’s truly wonderful. Every time.
lukasz-sroka-invimed-poznan.jpgŁukasz Sroka, M.D., Ph.D

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